ALEX AND ANI | Zodiac - Aries Expandable Bracelet, Rafaelian Gold

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Adventurous | Dynamic | Courageous

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, starting at nature's rebirth around the spring equinox. As their sign spearheads the rest of the Celestial Wheel, Aries are born leaders. They tend to have very strong personalities and are very passionate, brave, and willing to stand up against injustice. Those of this fire sign often dive into adventures headlong and grab life be the horns, not willing to waste a minute.

Crafted with a Rafaelian Silver Finish, this expandable bangle from Alex and Ani is perfect to wear on its own or stacked with other bangles that hold important meanings to your life. The Aries charm affixed to the bangle features a ram and the Aries symbol on the front and the three energies that describe the charm on the back. The bangle is expandable between 2" and 3.5" in diameter.