PANIER DES SENS | Honey Boxed Soap

PANIER DES SENS | Honey Boxed Soap

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With honey & propolis extract

A precious substance made by bees, Propolis combines antiseptic properties with a strong antioxidant power.

These remarkable qualities, combined with shea butter, transform a simple bathing into a little daily pleasure!

Weight: 150g

Our products are guaranteed:
Without Paraben
Without Aluminium
Without Silicone
Without Phénoxyéthanol
Without Ethanolamine

Honey, gourmet ritual for delicate skin

Elixir de Provence, concentrated in natural ingredients, honey is known for its moisturizing and regenerating qualities. Royal Jelly, Propolis, honey extract, all our formulas are developed around Organics Honey from Provence, harvested in an environmentally friendly and certified Ecocert.

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