ALEX AND ANI | Rulers of the Woods - Rowan Expandable Bracelet, Rafaelian Silver


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Trees have an ancient presence. Their lore is told in whispers from the wild wood. Forest sages gathered in groves, trees have been rooted since the Earth’s birth. In myth, trees impart their knowledge unto all who are willing to listen. Each piece in the Rulers of the Woods Collection in inscribed with an ogham, an ancient Celtic rune that describes the unique, sacred embodiment of the specific tree or plant. Listen and be enlightened. Let the wisdom of these age-old, natural miracles speak to you.



Rowan: swaying gently. In times past, this tree was known to be a sacred gateway; a door through which the faerie realm touches our world. It embodies transition, the traveling from one phase to the next. The berries of this tree depict a five-pointed pentacle at the base, a protective, magical emblem. Empowering vision and endless blessing, the rowan encourages you to seek out and claim your own mysterious gifts.

Designed to wear alone, or to layer for a customized look, Alex and Ani’s patented Expandable Wire Bangle allows the wearer to adjust the bangle for a perfect fit. Each bangle is adjustable down to two inches in diameter and expand to about three and a half inches in diameter.

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