PALAS JEWELLERY | Blessings Daughter Slider Charm

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Bronze medium round charm engraved with the heartfelt words 'you have been a blessing from the start... I love you my daughter with all my heart' and sterling silver cut out love heart slider disc on top. The cut out heart charm sits on top of the inscribed charm so that the words peek through the love heart, but this disc can also slide so as to get a better view of the heartfelt inscription. This lovely handcrafted charm is a beautiful piece to gift your treasured daughter to show her how much she means to you. It is a stunning design that will be worn close to her heart as a daily reminder of how special she really is. Pair it with other family or love charms to create a truly unique gift that will be treasured always. Add more charms over time as you celebrate more special occasions so that her collection always tells the story of your lives together and the joy you have shared.