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Foreword from Mick Fanning:

"Swilly is one of the best people youll meet. A man with more energy than a case of Red Bull, Swilly is always keen to go shoot. I first met him as a 13 year old kid where he rang me out of the blue and told me we had to go shoot for DHD surfboards. At that stage I was wondering what it entailed to go and shoot with a professional photographer and I definitely was nervous. Swilly crushed those nerves straight away with his kindness. We have worked together on and off for almost 22 years now and Im honoured to call him a friend. His eagerness to work is unchallenged and hes a world class photographer - but most of all a world class bloke! Enjoy the following pages, and I hope you get to see a side of Swilly that makes you get excited to explore."


Mick Fanning

Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams is one of the worlds best surf photographers, having produced many classic images which have featured on the covers and pages of countless surfing magazines over the last 20 years. Capturing amazing surf photography, stunning underwater imagery, and mind blowing photography from helicopters and jet skis, Fluid brings his magical water world to the page for the first time.

Featuring unique stories and never before seen images of the surfing worlds finest including world champions Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Stephanie Gilmore, Joel Parkinson, Dave Rastovitch, and Ry Craike. Swilly takes us across the globe from Indonesia, the Philippines, Micronesia, PNG, Maldives and our own Australian coast with images that have to be seen to be believed.

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