EMILY HENSON | Life Unstyled

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Life Unstyled the book came about as a form of rebellion against the impossibly high standards set in magazines and social media, where very often we’re only shown a moment in time when a room has been styled to look it’s very best. Never mind that just out of frame there is usually chaos and mess – we don’t see that, we just see the spotless and clutter-free shot that often makes us feel bad about our own less than perfect homes.

Some homes in the book are more cluttered than others, one is borderline minimalist; there are big warehouse spaces in Brooklyn, Belgium and London, but also a tiny ex-council flat in Brixton and a modest Victorian terraced house in East London; there are people who have a bit of money and others who perhaps don’t – but what they all share is this desire to express themselves through their homes and allow them to evolve over time, and of course the courage to thumb their nose at tradition and rules and simply do things their own way.

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