PALAS JEWELLERY | Paix Amour Bonheur Necklace

PALAS JEWELLERY | Paix Amour Bonheur Necklace

Palas Jewellery

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Bronze bar with the words 'paix amour bonheur' on one side and 'peace love happiness' on the other attached to a 44.5cm fine sterling silver chain by sterling silver jump rings. The paix amour bonheur necklace is an absolute must have for all ages with its classic design making it a versatile piece that will appeal to everyone. This necklace can be worn on its own with either side showing or it can be layered with other pieces alternating their lengths so they don't cover each other. Gift this necklace to a lucky friend for a birthday or special occasion or treat yourself with this gorgeous handcrafted piece.

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